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Psychological Testing and Psychoeducational Assessment

Psychological Testing or a Psychoeducational Assessment by a psychologist can be extremely useful when there is lack of clarity or understanding regarding the reasons and causes of various emotional, psychological, learning, or behavioral problems of a child or adolescent.

Psychological testing refers to the administration of standardized tasks and procedures which allow for a sampling of behavior, in order to understand and predict a given individual's psychological, emotional, and behavioral functioning in a variety of settings.

Psychoeducational testing, an even more comprehensive process, includes the aforementioned, as well as an examination of cognitive functioning and learning problems, which might impact a child or teenagers ability to be successful in school. Psychoeducational testing can help to identify the particular learning style of a child, and determine if there is a learning disability, cognitive difficulties, or executive functioning problems which impede the learning process. Both psychological testing and psychoeducational testing assists the psychologist in formulating a mental health treatment plan and/or educational intervention strategy, and educates the school and family about a child's needs.

Psychological and psychoeducational assessment is a comprehensive evaluation process that involves not only the administration and interpretation of psychological tests, but also involves the integration of information from multiple sources. Such sources include child interviews, interviews with parents, collateral information from teachers, school educational or testing reports, medical history, as well as information from other mental health professionals who may have provided therapy to a child or teenager.

Following the completion of the psychological evaluation, Dr. Pickar prepares a comprehensive written report, which is reviewed in a feedback session with the parents (teenagers may also be included at this meeting), and can also be submitted to other professionals or schools at the parents request.

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